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Magnetic flow meter - Wikipedia

A common flow meter (like a differential pressure and positive displacement flow meters) is the magnetic flow meter, also technically an electromagnetic flow meter or more commonly just called a mag meter. A magnetic field is applied to the metering tube, which results in a potential difference proportional to the flow velocity perpendicular to the flux lines.

Electromagnetic flowmeters | KROHNE Group

Electromagnetic flowmeters. For all applications with conductive liquids. Basic to demanding flow and custody transfer (CT) measurements; Designs and liner materials for various applications - from potable water to extremely adhesive, abrasive or aggressive fluids; Large choice of nominal sizes up to DN3000 / 120"


Because electromagnetic flow meters are based on the laws of electromagnetic induction, conductive liquids are the only liquids for which flow can be detected. Whether it is a conductive liquid or not is determined by the presence of electrical conductivity.

Magnetic Flowmeter Technonogy - Flowmeters.com | Universal ...

Magnetic flowmeters use Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction to determine the flow of liquid in a pipe. In a magnetic flowmeter, a magnetic field is generated and channeled into the liquid flowing through the pipe.

Theory of Magnetic Flow Meters - Emerson

Introduction to Magnetic Flowmeter Technology . Learn about the basic principle of operation behind electromagnetic flowmeters and how they are used to accurately measure conductive fluids using Faraday's law of induction, the key principle applied to magnetic flowmeter operation.

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