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Coriolis Mass Flowmeter Technology - Flowmeters.com ...

Coriolis mass flow meters measure the mass flow of liquids, such as water, acids, caustic, chemicals, and gases/vapors. Because mass flow is measured, the measurement...

Mass Flow Meter 4040

The flowmeter is designed and calibrated for flows in the direction of the arrow embossed on the flowmeter body. No damage will occur if the flow is reversed provided that the gas is clean.

Thermal mass flow meter - Wikipedia

Thermal mass flow meters, also known as thermal dispersion or immersible mass flow meters comprise a family of instruments for the measurement of the total mass flow rate of a fluid, primarily gases, flowing through closed conduits.A second type is the capillary-tube type of thermal mass flow meter. Many mass flow controllers (MFC) which combine a mass flow meter, electronics and a valve are ...

Digital Mass Flow Meter by Kelly Pneumatics, Inc.

Dynamic Flow Measurement . The Digital Mass Flow Meter uses four sensors to accurately measure pneumatic specifications. Three sensors are in direct contact with the flow path: an anemometer for mass flow, a thermistor for gas temperature and a gauge pressure transducer for gas/back pressure.

Sage Natural Gas Flow Meter and Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Sage Metering is an innovative manufacturer of the high-performance natural gas flow meter for gas flow measurement. The company has brought to market the first thermal mass flow meter to utilize graphical displays, a hybrid digitally driven circuit and the industry’s first in-situ calibration verification system.

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