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How Turbine Flowmeters Work. Turbine flowmeters use the mechanical energy of the fluid to rotate a “pinwheel” (rotor) in the flow stream. Blades on the rotor are angled to transform energy from the flow stream into rotational energy.

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Flow Technology provides turbine flowmeters for a wide range of industries. FT Series turbine flowmeters utilize a proven flow measurement technology to provide exceptionally accurate and reliable digital outputs.


Time displayed is Flowtime. Articles About Turbine Flowmeters. The World Market for Turbine Flowmeters-Released in 2002. Also see: www.TurbineFlow.com. About Turbine Flowmeters

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Not sure which flowmeter you need exactly? Choose the application that fits your needs. Decide what technology your flowmeter uses. Select your product and customize it to your needs.